Audio & Recordings

Nils Økland Band – Lysning

Michael Pisaro – Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones

Michael Pisaro's 64-minute work Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones for electric guitar, bass clarinet, and tape, performed by Kristine Tjøgersen and Håkon Stene.

Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones is a fascinating, intense and lovingly produced example of what can be made if you come from a completely different direction to the music-making process. It is life-affirming and somehow subtly insinuating. It is a soundscape, if you like, that can perhaps make us all appreciate our basic existence just that little bit more keenly

asamisimasa/Laurence Crane – Sound of Horse

asamisimasa plays Laurence Crane's John White in Berlin, Events, Riis, Old Life Was Rubbish, and Sound of Horse

asamisimasa/Øyvind Torvund – Neon Forest Space

Awarded the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) 2015 in the category contemporary music performance.

asamisimasa plays Neon Forest, Wolf Studies, Willibald Motor Landscape, and Plastic Waves by Øyvind Torvund.

Lene Grenager – Smilodon

Premier recording of The Operation, a concerto for multi-string set-up and ensemble. With Bodø Sinfonietta & conductor Peter Szilvay.

Nils Økland Ensemble – Kjølvatn

Awarded the "Folkelarmsprisen" 2015 for best open category folk music recording. Nominated for the Spellemann folk music award

Simon Steen-Andersen – Black Box Music

Oslo Sinfonietta and Håkon Stene perform Steen-Andersen's Black Box Music, a work nominated for the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) 2014, and awarded the Nordic Council Music Prize 2014

"Håkon Stene er formidabel på DVD'en, sådan havde man aldrig forestillet sig virtuositet..."
– Per Rask Madsen, Klassisk Magasin

Håkon Stene – Lush Laments for Lazy Mammal

Works by Bryars, Crane, Wallumrød, Stene

Awarded the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) 2014 in the category contemporary music.

8/10, Uncut Magazine

"A stunning collection", 4/5.
- DownBeat Magazine

"To me, this is a wonderfully pure distillation of what music can do".
- Richard Williams / The Blue Moment (UK)

"It is cinematic, divine and heartbreaking despite being so straight forward, as is the very quest of this music".
- Tristan Bath,

Håkon Stene – Bone Alphabet

Music by Brian Ferneyhough and Sir Duperman

"Simply great when contemporary music is presented in such tough and unorthodox ways".

Håkon Stene - Etude Begone Badum

Works by Lars Petter Hagen, Alvin Lucier, Marko Ciciliani and Michael Pisaro.

"Stene takes sound as malleable material and works it into unexpected shapes, surprising forms and refreshingly imaginative music"
The Wire, Dec/2013

"Clever and unusual, ‘Etude Begone Badum’ is an innovative and intelligent work that explores unusual territory with some impressive effects".

"A feast for the ears, from beginning to end".

Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory – Elements of Light

asamisimasa/Simon Steen-Andersen – Pretty Sound

Awarded the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) 2012 for contemporary music performance.

Bjørn Fongaard – Galaxe

Works by Bjørn Fongaard, Brian Ferneyhough, Ole-Henrik Moe, Øyvind Torvund. Nominated for the 2015 Spellemann contemporary music award

Luís Antunes Pena – Caffeine

Performed by asamisimasa, ensemble mosaik a.o.

Nils Økland Ensemble – Bris

Klangforum Wien/Enno Poppe: Joanna Wozny – as in a mirror, darkly

Oslo Sinfonietta/Christian Eggen: Olav Anton Thommessen – The Hermaphrodite

Oslo Sinfonietta/Christian Eggen: Maja Ratkje – And sing…

Oslo Sinfonietta/ Christian Eggen: Alfred Jansson – En Bibelhistorie

Camerata Nordica/Terje Tønnesen – Tales of Sound and Fury

Performing works by Telemann, Purcell, Biber, as well as traditional Norwegian drum tunes

Sven Lyder Kahrs: Dew Sparrows Breath

Jono El Grande: Phantom Stimulance

Jono El Grande: The Choko King

Jono El Grande: Neo Dada

Hans Olav Gorset and Friends - Nodebog

Benedicte Maurseth / Knut Hamre – Rosa i Botnen

ensemble neoN – neoN (participating as a producer)

Awarded the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) 2016 for best contemporary music album